Mold Remediation Colorado Springs

Mold can become a health hazard if not taken care of in time. Mold grows whenever there is moisture somewhere and this is why mold affected areas are mostly sinks, bathtubs, damp walls etc. Mold can grow rapidly and can spread to your house in a short period of time. Mold requires urgent measures to be taken and this is why you need to call us whenever you see mold anywhere around your house.

The process of mold damage restoration includes three critical steps:

Mold Testing Colorado Springs

It is imperative to understand that mold can cause a severe headache, skin allergy, and breathing problems.  You should never try to remove mold by yourself since there are small mold spores that disperse in the air and can cause difficulty in breathing and soreness of eyes. Our Professionals are well-equipped to handle any mold problem. We use the advanced gear to make sure that the mold is removed fully and the small spores do not spread anywhere else in the house.



Our highly advanced equipment and skilled professionals make it certain that the spores do not leave the affected area. At first, we seal the whole area and cleanup starts as soon as we remove the entire mold with our environment-friendly chemicals. The small mold spores remain confined in the sealed area; we remove them from the environment by using our advanced equipment.  In this way, the whole environment of your house remains safe from further mold damage.


This is the most important step of our mold damage restoration service. We detect the source of moisture. It is difficult to detect small leakage, but our experts use the advanced equipment to identify the faulty area. The leaking pipe or any other source is either repaired or replaced. This allows further prevention of the mold in your house.


Necessary Steps That You Need to Take to Prevent Mold from Happening Again

Mold grows whenever there is anabundance of moisture in the air. You need to make sure that leaking pipe of your sink or bathtub is fixed on time. Another imperative precautionary measure that you have to take is exposure of sunlight to mold-affected areas. Sunlight is the most natural way of preventing and removing mold. The heat can evaporate the moisture in the air and reduce the chances of mold growing again.

You need to make sure that ventilation system of your house is good. Air flowing through your house can reduce the chances of mold growing. The better way is to open up windows at least for 5-6 hours a day. It can provide natural ventilation for you.

You can use dehumidifiers in your house; they are good at preventing mold from happening again since they absorb the moisture in the air. You must use dehumidifiers in your basement or places where it is hard for sunlight to reach.

A better wall insulation can also help you in preventing mold from growing again.

Call water damage Colorado Springs pros for mold damage restoration and get the best services at the most affordable rates.